Using Timers

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Key presses on a game can cause difficult movement because a single press could be read multiple times. To get around this we can use a timer, the first press will start the timer and subsequent presses will be disabled for a period of time. To user a timer you need to add the following to the using section of Game1.cs:

using System.Timers;

So in the Game1.cs you need to define a timer, this should be with the other variable declarations:

Timer aTimer = new System.Timers.Timer();

Find the bit you want to time (for example one of the key presses):

if (currentKeyboardState.IsKeyDown(Keys.Down))
    if (!aTimer.Enabled)
        // what ever you need the keypress to do
        aTimer.Elapsed+=new ElapsedEventHandler(OnTimedEvent);

The timer is set for 100 milliseconds, and when the timer elapses it will run a timed event called OnTimedEvent.

Finally we need to create the method below for OnTimedEvent:

 private static void OnTimedEvent(object source, ElapsedEventArgs e)
     aTimer.Enabled = false;