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HelloWorld - Python

User Input - Python

Variables - Python

Conversions - Python

Maths Functions - Python

Selection - Python

Iteration - Python

String Manipulation - Python

Subroutines - Python

Global & Parameter Passing - Python

File Handling - Python

Exception Handling - Python

GUI With Tkinter (WIP) - LizQ

What Is Tkinter?

Creating a Window - Tkinter

Widgets - Tkinter

GUI - Other options

Creating A DIY Interface

PGU Interface

wxPython Interface

pyglet Interface

SQLite Databases

Create sqlite connection

Create table with sqlite

Insert Update Delete sqlite queries

Select sqlite queries

Using Visual Studio

Create a python project in Visual Studio

Creating a virtual environment in Visual Studio

Web Apps

Web apps are cross platform apps which are used via a browser. This allows you to create a single app to cover platforms such has Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and so on. These essentially have a server program, which when you start it will allow you to access your app via http://localhost:8000 or The exact port number may vary, but the server will output the correct link to use.


Creating a Django Web App

Django management program

Creating the Home page in Django

Set up Login System in Django

Create a sign up page in Django

Create account edit page in Django

Enforce login required for page

Creating a Model in Django

Display data from a model in django

Add data into a model in Django

Editing data into a model in Django

Delete data from a model in Django

Relating models in Django, ie Primary key to Foreign Key

Enforcing unique model entries

Passing an integer through the url to make a product page

Returning a 404 error if the value is not in the model data

Images in models and uploading images

Fully OOP with generic views


Creating a Flask Web App

Parts of a Flask Web App

Connecting MySQL to Flask Web App

Connecting sqlite to Flask Web App

Login and Logout in a Flask App

Register and Edit profile in a Flask App

Flashing messages in Flask App

Passing an integer via URL in Flask App

Uploading files in Flask

Fully OOP views in Flask