Section D 2024

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Simple Improvements / fixes

  • Accepts row & column numbers outside of valid ranges
  • Allows you to enter the name of a a file that doesn't exist
  • Letter input is case sensitive
  • Add additional letters/symbols e.g. L or O or U or V or C or H or I
  • Allow the user to remove a symbol from a cell, and increment symbols remaining

Extra functionality

  • Allow the player to shuffle the positions of blocked cells, the number should be the same and they can't go into occupied cells
  • Allow the player to replace or blow up a blocked cell turning it into a standard cell
  • Add a WildCard symbol which will match with any other symbol, Max of 3 per game
  • Create a new Cell subclass called DoublePointsCell
  • Save the current status of the game (file-handling)/writing to a text file