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You are advised to spend no more than 20 minutes on this section. You will be asked to create a new program not related to the Preliminary Material or Skeleton Program.

This will be a programming question, they will give you or describe an algorithm for you to implement. They will give you the data types and variables required. Typically this will be at least 10 marks, and additional marks are given for testing your program. This is similar to the old specification AS exam and the sample questions below are taken from previous papers.

C# to Pseudo Code

CSharp to Pseudo Code

Common Skills

Generating Random Numbers

Modular Division

Data Type Conversions

string manipulation

Accessing each character of a string

Getting the ASCII value of a character

Testing if a character is in a word

Split a string

Old Spec Papers

2016 Old Spec

2015 Old Spec

2014 Old Spec

2013 Old Spec

2012 Old Spec

2011 Old Spec

2010 Old Spec

2009 Old Spec (Ignore this one, far too simple)

New AS Spec Questions

The questions below are from the new specification:

AS Sample Question

2016 New Spec

2017 New Spec

2018 New Spec

2019 New Spec

2020 New Spec

2022 New Spec

2023 New Spec

New A Level Questions

These are questions from the A Level exam so may be harder. The sample questions is also included:

A Level Sample Question

2017 A Level

2018 A Level

2019 A Level

2020 A Level

2021 A Level

2022 A Level

2023 A Level

Example Questions

These are some A Level standard questions i have found:

politeness of a number