Software and their algorithms embed moral and cultural values

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As software and Algorithms are created, if made professionally, they shouldn't stand with moral and cultural values of the place of use. This could include political views and rules that are respected by the area as a whole. A specific example of this is countries like China and there strict societal values that should be respected if the software or algorithm is to be used in this area.

Social Groups

Different social groups may have a different idea about what software is ethical and moral. For example, social media such as twitter allows users to voice their own opinion. In the western world, this is acceptable within reason. However, in countries such as China, the government do not allow free speech so people are not able to use social media.

E-mail was the first big application that revolutionized the way people communicated (changing a major social process). An instant method was now available where people could communicate across the globe for free without any restrictions.


Use of email now makes it a lot harder to access information that was sent, as with standard mail, it could potentially be opened and then re-sealed, which wouldn't be very secure, with potential private data being seen by others.


Email allows us to send and receive data more seamlessly, and with more control over our data.