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You are advised to spend no more than 70 minutes on this section. Questions will use the Skeleton Program and the Preliminary Material.

This page will identify some of the alterations / improvements that can be made to the skeleton program. It is important to explain what problem the alteration is tackling, and explain how to make the improvement itself.


  1. Add the code to allow foxes to have a gender Incomplete
  2. Make the probability of a rabbit dying increase with age, ie extra 5% per term Incomplete
  3. Reduce the reproductive rate of a rabbit with age Incomplete
  4. Add a way for a disease to kill rabbits in warrens Incomplete
  5. Implementing weather changes that affect animals Incomplete
  6. Validation for menu options for the coordinate input Incomplete
  7. Constraints for number of animals placed (when option two is selected) Incomplete
  8. Create extra presets, such as Rabbits Only or Fox Land of Plenty
  9. Display a message when a cell with no fox is selected for fox inspection...Adding a loop too Incomplete
  10. Display a message when a cell with no warren is selected for warren inspection...Adding a loop too Incomplete
  11. A fox moves in a random direction if they haven't eaten enough food that turnIncomplete
  12. Foxes have a random chance to move towards the closest warren each time period
  13. If a fox eats more food than it needs its reproduction rate/coefficient increases Incomplete
  14. Add an option on the menu to find the largest warren Incomplete
  15. record data for totalDeadFoxes and totalDeadFoxesAge, then use these to generate the average age, and use to set lifespan of foxes
  16. Allow the capacity of a warren to vary, some warrens may be smaller and other may be larger Incomplete

Extension of the Skeleton Program

One question is likely to focus on adding new features and functionality to the program.

  1. Create a giant warren which allows 200 rabbits Incomplete
  2. If a rabbit is contained within a warren, create a den class for foxes Incomplete
  3. A predator for foxes - eagles Incomplete
  4. Another predator for rabbits - weasels
  5. Another prey for foxes - chickens
  6. Connected warrens - tunnels Incomplete Needs Quiz