Issues of Scale

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Issue of scale - how reliant we are on a company such as Google. It is hard to imagine a world without Google.

Uses In Industry


In computing, hyperscale is the ability of an architecture to scale appropriately and quickly in a cost-effective manner as increased demand is added to the system. Hyperscale computing is necessary in order to build a robust and scalable cloud, big data, map reduce, or distributed storage system and is often associated with the infrastructure required to run large distributed sites such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Azure or Amazon AWS.

End of forgetting

Jeffrey Rosen - "The Web means the end of forgetting". In modern society the scale and broadness of the web means the complete forgetting of anything is impossible. Record of every significant or even insignificant event is forever stored even when deleted by its creator. A great example of a place where documentation is vast is the Google owned website Youtube.

Practical Obscurity

What actually is it, really? Even if information is out their publicly the linking together of information, adds a level of abuse of privacy. If connecting the data means people suffer a loss of privacy. This means it’s a violation of privacy gathering the information in a dossier (profile). The principle is that the private information in public records is effectively protected from disclosure as the result of practical barriers to access, however it will be available if its on the internet.


There are many advantages when it comes to hyperscale architecture, such as:

  • Speed. Hyperscale data centers can help your company quickly develop, install, and manage your shifting computing needs.
  • Easier management. The hyperscale cloud means that fewer layers of control are needed and fewer people are needed to manage the computer operation.
  • Easier transition into the cloud. Many companies grow into the cloud. They start with non-critical applications. In time, they often add mission-critical software and data. They may want to integrate their private cloud into a public cloud. Hyperscale cloud computing helps companies grow into the cloud at their own pace.
  • Scalability based on demand. Some companies have peak seasons, such as retailers who sell merchandise during the winter holidays. The hyperscale cloud gives companies the ability to scale up when demand is great and scale down when demand is low.


One drawback is that with hyper scale is that data can be shared that is sensitive or not wanted to be shared by the owner. This means that information shared could be seen by those that the owner does not want to see. Another drawback is that data can be shared though hyper scale that the owner is unaware of. This can lead to a loss of control of the information even before the owner knows of its publication.



Hyperscale through its ability to share information amongst individuals on a global scale (via social networks such as twitter, Facebook or individual blogs) is mired in controversy; The social network based transmission of information makes hyper-scale the fundamental method through which peoples eccentric behavior can be distributed round the world without their knowledge or control. Individuals have their behavior captured in the videos they upload and access to this behavioral information is made both possible and easy via hyper-scale technology (through the internet).

Other Controversial Contributions

Hyperscale also provides access to aspects of peoples lives that were formally private; making information accessed through hyperspace morally ambiguous and socially untenable. Sometimes people unknowingly provide companies and organisations with private information, such as through the purchase of certain items an organisation can know to a statistical degree of accuracy whether or not someone is pregnant.