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External Tutorials


Youtube MonoGame PlayList

MonoGame on Pluralsight (Sign up for a free trial)


Youtube Tutorial Series

XNA YouTube tutorials from same source as above


Adventure game tutorial series

Degree level MonoGame


Tower Defence

Tutorial 1 : Drawing the level.

Tutorial 2 : Create a Sprite base class.

Tutorial 3 : Creating the Enemy class.

Tutorial 4 : Adding way-points and enemy movement.

Tutorial 5 : Making a base Tower class.

Tutorial 6 : Tower placement and management.

Tutorial 7 : Extending the tower class and adding projectiles.

Tutorial 8 : Adding a wave of enemies.

Tutorial 9 : Adding multiple waves

Tutorial 10 : Creating the GUI (Part 1)

Tutorial 11 : Creating the GUI (Part 2)

Tutorial 12 : Adding a New Tower Type

Tutorial 13 : Adding the Slow Tower

Tutorial 14 : Polishing the Game

Tutorial 14.5 : Drag and Drop Towers

Pathfinding Tutorials :

A* Pathfinding Tutorial : Part 1

A* Pathfinding Tutorial : Part 2

A* Pathfinding Tutorial : Part 3


simple platformer game in xna tutorial

XNA Platformer Made Easy (YouTube)


MonoGame RPG Made Easy (YouTube)

Tutorial Series

Tutorial 1 – Map Generation

Tutorial 2 – Field-of-View Calculation

Tutorial 3 – Exploring the Map

Tutorial 4 – Pathfinding

Tutorial 5 – 2D Camera Setup

Tutorial 6 – Combat

Game Resources

Game Art

Home Page

Open Game Art


Tiled Website and Download

Tiled Map Editor

Tutorials for using Tiled

Offical Tiled Tutorials

Tiled Basics

Tiled Youtube Playlist Series

Written Version of Above Tutorials


Install Method 1

MonoGame.Extended GitHub, you must have MonoGame installed first, get it from here:

Add functions to MonoGame - including Tiled maps

Install Method 2

Alternatively, open your game project and click the project tab and select "Manage NuGet Packages". Within the NuGet package manager search for MonoGame.Extended, you will need to install this plus also:

  1. MonoGame.Extended.Content.Pipeline
  2. MonoGame.Extended.Tiled
  3. MonoGame.Extended.Graphics

These may also require some setup, read the readme.txt files when the new packages are installed.

MonoGame.Extended Resources

MonoGame.Extended Forum

MonoGame.Extended Wiki