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This wiki is intended to be a one stop shop for AQA A Level Computer Science. Use the navigation on the left to access specific papers or topics. Also, the search bar above is a very effective way of finding topics or individual pages. The current phase of development is to add revision quizzes for every topic, no data is collected from the quizzes so they are just for revision purposes.

Wiki Rules

Not so nice bit

  1. Students Must use Wiki Responsibly
  2. Students posting inappropriate content will be reported and punished according to ICLT agreement
  3. Students vandalising this wiki will be dealt with using the disciplinary system

More positive bit

  1. Students are welcome to add content or edit to improve this wiki
  2. When editing, can you add first. ie don't just delete if its a different way of doing the same thing
  3. You will work in groups to edit this in lessons, you are free to use and edit this out of lesson time

The Aims

  1. To be a complete one stop shop for your Computer Science exams
  2. To act as a revision tool
  3. To provide instructions for potential questions
  4. To share knowledge
  5. To support all students
  6. To allow everyone to contribute


Security / Backup

A nightly script is run on the server to backup all of the files associated with MediaWiki and to perform a full MySQL backup of the MediaWiki database. This should allow the site to recover should any issues arise, so feel free to contribute your work and effort is protected.


The navigation bar on the left contains shortcut links to some of the key sections of this wiki. This will be the primary navigation within the wiki, but you can also use the search box in the top corner.

Editing / Viewing

This wiki is setup so that anyone can read it and you don't need to create an account, caching is also used so you may not be viewing the most recent page.

However if you wish to edit this wiki you must create an account first. At the moment, i'm the only one who can do this because open account creation can be used by spammers and scammers to create rogue accounts and I might miss notifications for any created accounts. Caching is disabled for login users, you will always see the most up to date version of every page.

Use the wiki editing tips link on the sidebar to learn how to edit this wiki. This page includes examples for syntax highlighting, quizzes, equations etc.