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Vector Graphics


Images created by using vector points, lines, and shapes.

These can be assigned a colour for the Stroke (outline) and the Fill (inside).

A vector can be scaled mathematically so no image quality is lost.

Details required for each shape

Drawing List

Compared with BitMap

Bitmaps are stored pixel by pixel However, in a vector graphic the image is stored by calculating the points, lines and shapes used to create the image. A drawing list is created to recreate the image. Vector graphics can be resized using mathematics so increasing the size has no effect on quality of the image.

The file size of a vector graphic can be significantly smaller than a bitmap. the drawing list is essentially the instructions to rebuild the image. However if you attempted to capture a real world photograph, you would essentially have so many shapes to represent the changes in colour that the file size might not be any smaller.

Vector Data Structure

A vector is one of the abstract data structures covered in year 2, this links to vector graphics because each vector can be a point, or even a line from given point. We can therefore use these to represent the shapes within an image, we can also mathematically scale and also calculate the magnitude (or distance) (link to page: Vectors ).

Revision Questions

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1. What are vector graphics?

Vector graphics are computer graphics images that are defined in terms of 2D points.
A series of connecting lines that form a shape(s).
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Video editing software.
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A way of representing the resolution of an image.
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2. what are drawing lists?

a list of drawings
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The list of images that the vector graphics have to create.
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The list of information needed to create the image accurately using vector graphics.
The less accurate predecessor of vector graphics.
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3. What are the benefits of using Vector Graphics?

They are more detailed
nah cuz dat straight wrong fam ygm
they don't use code for each individual pixel
They use code for each pixel on the screen
nah thats bitmap g u wrong
They are not as detailed
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4. What are Vectors normally used for?

taking pictures
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Stealing Gru's miniature moon
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Capturing sound
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5. True or False - Vector graphics are always easier to create in comparison to bitmap graphics


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