Section D 2021

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Section D 2021

Section D of your Unit 1 exam will focus on the skeleton program and improvements to it. The question will specify which part of the program is to be used, and what you need to change. I will create a list of potential improvements, and over time we code each one and document it.

Simple Improvements

Draw not possible

In game help screen


Output tiles in string

Get grid size

Save Game

Generate a random starting grid

Allow the player to set the grid size

Create a new type of tile called Tundra (similar to other tiles)

Create a new type of tile called Lake (no piece can use this tile)

Limit the output from a forest and when exhausted change it to a field.


Be able to downgrade a piece back to a Serf

Create a new Forester piece (ie to create a forest from a field)

Player sub-classes