Project Analysis

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Students are expected to:

  • produce a clear statement that describes the problem area and specific problem that is being solved/investigated
  • outline how they researched the problem
  • state for whom the problem is being solved/investigated
  • provide background in sufficient detail for a third party to understand the problem being solved/investigated
  • produce a numbered list of measurable, "appropriate" specific objectives, covering all required functionality of the solution or areas of investigation (Appropriate means that the specific objectives are single purpose and at a level of detail that is without ambiguity.)
  • report any modelling of the problem that will inform the Design stage, for example a graph/ network model of Facebook connections or an E-R model.

A fully scoped analysis is one that has:

  • researched the problem thoroughly
  • has clearly defined the problem being solved/investigated
  • omitted nothing that is relevant to subsequent stages
  • statements of objectives which clearly and unambiguously identify the scope of the project