2022 - There is a load game feature but no way of saving a game

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The program contains the code required to load a game, but doesn't contain the code to save a game.

The LoadGame method of the BreakThrough class can be seen below:

        private bool LoadGame(string fileName)
            string LineFromFile;
            string LineFromFile2;
                using (StreamReader MyStream = new StreamReader(fileName))
                    LineFromFile = MyStream.ReadLine();
                    Score = Convert.ToInt32(LineFromFile);
                    LineFromFile = MyStream.ReadLine();
                    LineFromFile2 = MyStream.ReadLine();
                    SetupLock(LineFromFile, LineFromFile2);
                    LineFromFile = MyStream.ReadLine();
                    SetupCardCollectionFromGameFile(LineFromFile, Hand);
                    LineFromFile = MyStream.ReadLine();
                    SetupCardCollectionFromGameFile(LineFromFile, Sequence);
                    LineFromFile = MyStream.ReadLine();
                    SetupCardCollectionFromGameFile(LineFromFile, Discard);
                    LineFromFile = MyStream.ReadLine();
                    SetupCardCollectionFromGameFile(LineFromFile, Deck);
                return true;
                Console.WriteLine("File not loaded");
                return false;

The easiest way to figure out how to save a file is to use the LoadGame sequence, every MyStream.ReadLine() will read one line of the text file. You therefore need to reverse the process.

What does a save game need to write

Each of the following needs to be on its own line:

  1. the score
  2. the current lock as a string for the conditions
  3. the status of the current lock conditions
  4. the Hand card collection as a string include card numbers
  5. the Sequence card collection as a string include card numbers
  6. the Discard card collection as a string include card numbers
  7. the Deck card collection as a string include card numbers

What you need to do

Lock class

  • create a method to output the lock conditions as a string
    • Look at the GetLockDetails method of the lock class
    • look at the foreach loop, it loops through the challenges
    • the code 'ConvertConditionToString(C.GetCondition())' gets the condition of the challenge
    • Challenges need to separated with a ';'.
  • create a method to output the status of the conditions as a string
    • essentially as above, but we need to write 'Y' if the challenge is met or 'N' if it isn't

CardCollection class

  • create a method to output the entire collection
    • You can use a foreach loop, ie 'foreach(Card c in Cards)'
    • you can then write the 'GetDescription()' of the card
    • followed by a space and then the card number 'GetCardNumber()'
    • each card is separated by a ','.
    • make sure you check if the card collection is not empty

SaveGame method

Create a save game method which sets up a StreamWriter, you can copy the StreamReader code and change read for write, now instead of using myStream.ReadLine use myStream.WriteLine().

The SaveGame method should:

  • write the score
  • use your method to write the current lock conditions
  • use your method to write the status of each condition
  • use your method to write each card collection in order