Section D 2020

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Section D 2020

Section D of your Unit 1 exam will focus on the skeleton program and improvements to it. The question will specify which part of the program is to be used, and what you need to change. I will create a list of potential improvements, and over time we code each one and document it.


Adding Functionality

One of the things to notice is that the option menu misses out number 5. So this will be something to add to the skeleton program. This could be to:

2020 - Save a running simulation

2020 - Load a saved simulation

2020 - Process multiple days in one go, ie process a week

Simple Improvements

You will also get some simple questions which are often adding validation of some kind:

2020 - Validation on entering text instead of numerical values

2020 - Validation for entering a numerical value in a range

You may also get questions which might involve extending a current feature:

2020 - Add a new event called food scandal, this causes the reputation to fall 20 points

2020 - Add a new event called weather disaster, this will cause the cost to rise by 20 percent

2020 - Add a a distance variable to each household, they will only use outlets within this distance