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You are advised to spend no more than 70 minutes on this section. Questions will use the Skeleton Program and the Preliminary Material.

This page will identify some of the alterations / improvements that can be made to the skeleton program. It is important to explain what problem the alteration is tackling, and explain how to make the improvement itself.


  1. How would you increase the maximum size of a players hand
  2. 1, 2, or 3 letter words should incur a penalty
  3. make the letters K V X Y Z Q 4 points instead of the current 3
  4. when a word is valid, display the word and the score for the word
  5. If the player spells a ten or more letter word, they should receive a 200 point bonus
  6. Provide a method for the player to swap their entire hand
  7. Provide a method for the player to swap 5 random tiles from their hand
  8. If a player presses enter without typing a word it is an invalid move
  9. If a player enters a number not in the options it is treated as a word
  10. Create a method to list the words available within a given hand
  11. Allow a player to buy a vowel for 10 points
  12. Allow players to skip and end their turn
  13. Alert the User if aqawords.txt File is Missing
  14. Allow players to choose the filename for LoadAllowedWords
  15. High score table feature
  16. Time limit when entering choice
  17. Ask user to confirm their word choice
  18. Bonus points at end of game for longest and highest scored words
  19. Deduct points from score if invalid word entered
  20. Display list of words (valid and invalid) used by each player at the end of the game
  21. Display the highest scored word by each player at the end of the game
  22. The player that has the letter that is closest to “A” will begin the game. A blank tile will win the start of the game
  23. In queue class definition, make use of the IsEmpty method in Show method
  24. Add the ability to set the player names
  25. CheckWordIsValid uses a linear search, program a binary search instead
  26. Allow users to check the word before they play the word


  1. Create a class for player
  2. Create an automated player
  3. Wild card / blank tile added
  4. Allow players to add new words to the game
  5. Allow players to save the new AllowedWords back into aqawords.txt