Project Implementation

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Students should provide program listing(s) that demonstrate their technical skill. The program listing(s) should be appropriately annotated and self-documenting (an approach that uses meaningful identifiers, with well-structured code that minimises instances where program comments are necessary).

Students should present their work in a way that will enable a third party to discern the quality and purpose of the coding. This could take the form of:

  • an overview guide which amongst other things includes the names of entities such as executables, data filenames/urls, database names, pathnames so that a third party can, if they so desire, run the solution/investigation
  • explanations of particularly difficult-to-understand code sections; a careful division of the presentation of the code listing into appropriately labelled sections to make navigation as easy as possible for a third party reading the code listing.

Achievement of the latter, to an extent, is linked to the skill in applying a structured approach during the course of developing the solution or carrying out the investigation.